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One of my favorite product reviewers is Marques Brownlee and he's just released his latest review of Apple's AirPods Max. Brownlee notes early on in his review that Apple's AirPods Max offer a set of features that no other consumer-grade over-the-ear headphones model on the market today offer.    


Most headphones have chosen to go with plastic as a general material so that they're light to use. Most plastic headphones weigh about 250 grams while the AirPods Max weigh in at about 385 grams. Over time and as you naturally move your head around to look at things, you'll quickly notice how much heavier they are than plastic models on the market. It wasn't a big negative, but could be for some users.


Brownlee further noted that Apple had chosen to go with aluminum earcups that are cold to the touch if you're outside in the winter.  The other construction material used is stainless steel. While it definitely adds to the weigh of the headphones, Brownlee called the design in general "dope" with super-tight tolerances and earcups that have a satin finish to them and so forth. He only wished that Apple would have offered the headphones in matte black finish. I'm sure many will agree with that.


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One more thing: Some will find Brownlee's attack on the carrying case a little overkill while others, like myself,  found it surprisingly refreshing to hear some brutal honesty. Of course, you may disagree. Check out the video below for the full review.



While price was a bit of a negative for Brownlee, he knows that Apple fans generally don't have a problem with price for Apple quality and inventiveness.


For a more technical review that points things out feature by feature, you could check out AppleInsider's review below. 



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