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Verizon is holding a Special 'Verizon + iPhone 12' Online Event this Thursday introducing the New Era of Enterprise

1 Cover Verizon + Apple iPhone 12


Verizon has announced that it is holding a virtual event this Thursday, November 19 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, 10 a.m. Pacific Time. This is an "invation only" online event and interested parties must register for the surprise event on Verizon's webpage here.


It should be noted that those wanting to attend the online event must agree to receive insights, reports and other information from Verizon and affiliated companies in accordance with their Privacy Policy. Whether that particular point will become a negative for some who believe in privacy, is unknown at this time.


Verizon's invites states "Join us for a conversation on enterprise innovation. Learn how we can help you capture new opportunities in 2021."


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2 Verizon Hans Vestberg  Chairman and CEO


Verizon played a major role in the roll out for iPhone 12 with 5G during the Apple event on October 13. Below we're presenting the segment of the event when Verizon's Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg is being introduced. It acts as a refresher as to what Verizon officially announced and is set to begin when Tim Cook introduces Vestberg. This segment ends at the 19:56 mark when you could end the video.



Apple's U.S. iPhone 12's come with a special frame side mmWave antenna window supporting Verizon's highest level of 5G service, the 5G Ultra Wideband. Apple was granted patents for this design last week in Hong Kong as we reported over the weekend.


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