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The Apple M1: Welcome to the Next Wave of Innovation for Mac

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01 Welcome to the Next Wave ...


Apple not only launched new Macs powered by their newly developed chip officially branded the Apple M1 today, they launched the next wave of innovation for Mac that is already crushing the competition on day one!


Below is Apple's promo video called "Behind the Mac – Greatness.



Who needs to listen to talking heads when you can view and enjoy the full Mac Event keynote unfolding layer after layer after layer of innovation. The levels of power in the new Macs will be game changing for students, coders, videographers and more.



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Apple Silicon: Apple M1




The new MacBook Air 




The New MacBook Pro




The New Mac mini 


6A  Mac mini with new Apple Silicon
6A  Mac mini with new Apple Silicon


7 Which Mac is for you


Environmentally Friendly new Macs


8 recycle


Diving Deeper


01: Review the new MacBook Air Features

02: Review the new MacBook Pro Features

03: Review the new Mac Mini Features



I don't know about you, but Apple's introduction to the first generation of Macs powered by Apple Silicon in the form the M1 Processor exceeded my expectations hands down. 


During the keynote I kept thinking of how proud and pumped Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs would have been today. For Apple to actually own their PC destiny was a part of Steve's vision, and the journey has only begun.    


It was jaw dropping to see the power being packed into all three new Macs today as outlined above. Although the hype was a little over the top at times, you can appreciate that the various Apple teams were so passionate about finally bringing this one-time secret project to life.


It was certainly a celebration today and one for the history books. For that I express my thanks to all of the Apple teams for their never-ending drive to get the job done under extraordinary pressures and concerns related to COVID-19. Cheers!


12 - Special Event Coverage


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