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BOE has Reportedly entered Apple's Supply Chain for iPhone 12

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In January Patently Apple posted a report titled "While BOE will enter Apple's OLED Supply Chain in 2020, its Big Push will begin in 2021." It's being reported today in Taiwan that while China-based display panel maker BOE was not initially among the OLED suppliers for the new Apple smartphones, it is now preparing to ship OLED screens in small volume for the 6.1-inch iPhone 12.


In September, Patently Apple posted another report titled "China's OLED Display Maker BOE will have their B11 Production Line, known as the 'Apple Line,' Ready for business in H2 2021." Whether the initial orders for the 6.1 iPhone is a real-world test is unknown at this time. For the record, BOE has been a supplier for Huawei's top smartphone models for years. There's no doubt that BOE is up to the task of delivering top quality displays for Apple.


On another note, the report stated that the overall handset market in China may have been weak this year, but 5G smartphone sales are picking up. Sales of 5G phones in China may reach 150 million units in 2020.


Further, 5G phone shipments in China is to top 150 million units in 2020: Sales of 5G phones in China, already in full swing, are expected to gain a further boost in fourth-quarter 2020 thanks to higher than expected pre-orders for iPhone 12 lineup received by e-commerce operators there.


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