Apple's HomePod mini Smart Home Features like 'Intercom' were first revealed in Apple Patents that we recently covered
Apple's 5G iPhone 12 is bound to make an impact in China as their Keynote was a super-hot topic on Weibo with over 6 billion responses

Before Diving into the tiniest of details of the new iPhone 12 models, take a look at a Quick Comparison of the new models


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Yesterday's Apple 12 event was jam packed with new features for the new iPhone 12 family and of course Apple even added the new iPhone 12 mini. Filip Koroy of EverythingApplePro has put together a very good comparison of the new iPhone 12 vs 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro vs 12 Pro Max Comparison.


While you could easily labor though all of Apple's web pages and dive down into the new iPhones individually, it's nice to be able to get a quick comparison of the models first. Most of what is discussed in the video is the differences between the iPhone's  camera advancements. If that matters to you, then you'll enjoy this 9 minute video.  


Koroy asks, "Is iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max Worth a $300 Premium?" So which should you buy & why - check out the video to help you decide. 



12 - Special Event Coverage


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