Apple's Master Patent Covering Apple Arcade has been published in the U.S. and Europe
Apple's iOS 'Measure' App Patent has Surfaced in both the Patent Offices of the U.S. and Germany

Apple VP's for Hardware and Product Marketing talk up a storm about the new iPads on a Video Podcast over the weekend

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John Ternus VP Hardware Engineering and Bob Borchers VP product marketing dropped in on the 'Same Brain' Podcast hosted by iJustine and her sister Jenna Ezarik. The 37.5 minute podcast covers the topic of all-things iPad.


Apple's Touch ID button found on the new iPad Air was one focus on the show. Ternus described the evolution of the technology and more importantly the g about the aspect ration of the button being so narrow. During the set-up process and over time, the button will be able to capture any part of your fingerprint to acknowledge the owner's ID. The button had to be engineered just right because the cellular antenna runs along the same path at the top of the iPad where the new Touch ID button resides. So a lot of work had to be done so that there were no interference issues.


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The topic of A12Z versus the A14 chip was discussed and it's clear that you can't compare performance just by the numbers floating around the net. The A12Z has custom graphics power built in that's not part of the A14 for the iPad. Some will find that segment interesting.



I have to admit that I was staring at the over-ear headphones that both Apple executives were donning, hoping that they would give us a sneak peak at their new headphones hopefully launching later this month. It appears that they were both using Beats EP with RemoteTalk cable.


Of course their headphones didn't look anything like the rumored headphones as shown below. Though I have to admit that I'm still hoping that the rumored design is wrong. My hope is that Apple will deliver an over-ear style instead of the concept drawing illustrating an on-ear style.  


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