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Apple has several patents on Reverse Charging and an FCC Filing points to a Future Mobile Version of this Feature is in the works

1 cover reverse charging


The Leak of an FCC filing from Apple suggests that reverse charging (via MagSafe) could be achieved while an iPhone is plugged in. The document further suggests that "customers may use the charging function in a portable use condition. Further, the document states that "Future designs and accessories may support true portable use condition …" This information is found in the "introduction" of the Apple filing.


2 x reverse charging


The source for this information is Jeremy Horwitz as noted in his tweet below.



The full FCC document from Apple could be found here. Due to the document stating that it's confidential, Patently Apple will not Scribd this document for this report. You could view the PDF of the document here.


It's not a secret that Apple has been working on this potential feature of reverse charging or 2-way charging. Patently Apple has covered this in several patent filings between 2018 and 2020 (01, 02, 03, 04).


Below are Apple patent figures found in one of the reports referenced to above. Apple envisions reverse charging going far beyond just the iPhone through to the MacBook Pro, the iPad and more.


3 reverse charging


Apple's patents on this subject matter were far ahead of rumors from Ming-Chi Guo.  


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