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Samsung Launched their US$1999 Galaxy Z Fold2 Smartphone today during their brief online Event

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This morning Samsung introduced their revised foldable smartphone known as the  Galaxy Z Fold2 at US$1,999. Samsung refined their design with precision engineering and expert craftsmanship, and an even more flexible form factor and UX.


Not only does the Galaxy Z Fold2 feature a larger Cover Screen and massive Main Screen with Infinity-O Displays, it also sports a thinner form factor which makes it more comfortable to grip. Combined with a Hideaway Hinge that allows the device to stay open while in Flex mode, and a sweeper structure that prevents dirt and debris from getting inside the device, the Galaxy Z Fold2 promises effortless productivity. Below is the full Galaxy Z Fold2 presentation.  One of their first ads are presented below.



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New Refined Design


According to Samsung, "The Galaxy Z Fold2 pairs bold design with advanced engineering so you can feel confident using it every day.


Complete and Immersive Content Experiences – A 6.2-inch Infinity-O Cover Screen provides maximum usability so you can check email, look up directions, or even watch your favorite content without needing to unfold your device every time. When unfolded, the massive 7.6-inch Main Screen, with minimized bezels and notch-less Front Camera, immerses you with a 120Hz adaptable refresh rate for smooth scrolling and gameplay. To complete the experience, the Galaxy Z Fold2 comes with the best dynamic sound available on a Galaxy device to date, with enhanced stereo effect and clearer sound provided by high-dynamic dual speakers.


Solid Design and Expert Craftsmanship – The Galaxy Z Fold2 is re-engineered with a sleek, unified design that delivers a smooth, high-end feel. Samsung Ultra Thin Glass is now on the Main Screen, providing a more premium and refined feel for the display. Its design is anchored by the Hideaway Hinge, which fits seamlessly into the device body with the CAM mechanism and enables free standing capabilities that power all new Flex mode experiences. Galaxy Z Fold2 also employs sweeper technology, first introduced on the Galaxy Z Flip, within the gap between the body and hinge housing to repel dust and undesirable particles. As Galaxy Z Fold2 features a third-generation refined design, the space for the sweeper structure is even smaller than on the Galaxy Z Flip. To achieve this, Samsung developed new innovative sweeper technology to achieve the same level of protection in a smaller space. The Galaxy Z Fold2 Hideaway Hinge features revolutionary slim cutting technology, modified fiber composition and adjusted fiber density.


Customizable to Match Your Style – For those looking to stand out even more, Samsung is offering an online tool to customize your Galaxy Z Fold2 with four distinct Hideaway Hinge colors – Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Red, and Metallic Blue. Now you can create the Galaxy Z Fold2 that perfectly complements your unique style, adding a personalized touch to premium design.


Maximize Every Moment


The Galaxy Z Fold2 aligns next generation mobile productivity with advanced multitasking capabilities thanks to new intuitive ways to interact. Get the most out of your day by tailoring the Galaxy Z Fold2’s tablet-sized Main Screen to fit in with your working style.


Seamless Multitasking – Use advanced Multi-Active Window to control your screen layout with more ease and flexibility. Experience more productivity now that you can open multiple files from the same app at the same time and view them side by side. With an improved Multi-Window Tray, you can open multiple apps at once with the integration of App Pair and the Edge Panel to enjoy added convenience. With drag and drop, you can simply drag text, images and documents from one app to another for instant transfer. Or quickly screen capture in one app and transfer the captured image into another seamlessly with Split Screen Capture.


Optimized App Interactions to Support Your Flow – Choose the most optimized UI on the Main Screen to suit your needs. Quickly and easily switch layouts between a large screen layout or traditional phone layout in the Settings.


Optimized App Display– Maximize every moment in your daily life and upgrade the viewing experience of your favorite apps, including Gmail, YouTube and Spotify. Use the Main Screen with Office apps in Microsoft 365 to mimic the tablet experience. For example, use Microsoft Outlook to its true potential by viewing your inbox on the left side with current conversations at the same time. Draft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations with PC-like toolbar arrangements.


For productive people who want to multitask closer to how your brain operates, then the large foldables are uniquely designed to accommodate multitasking with a new UI experience that is shown in the video." 


I think that everyone who loves this new category of smartphone should wait at least until Microsoft's 'Surface Duo' launches next Thursday before blindly buying Galaxy Z Fold2 so that you can compare the two device styles at Best Buy.


At the end of the day, the good news is that consumers now have at least two quality multitasking smartphones to choose from in 2020 – even though it will remain a niche product until prices fall below $999.


Below is Samsung's full presentation of the Galaxy Z Fold2.



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