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Earlier this week when Siri was asked "Where are the Terrorists," Siri Embarrassingly provided directions to several Police Stations in California

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The Washington Times reported late yesterday that Apple said that it had fixed an error that appeared to point users to local police departments when asked, "Hey Siri, where are the terrorists?" 


Although Apple dismisses the incident as a simple error, it just happens to be in sync with left-wing activities that began over the summer in Democratic states and cities such as California, Oregon, Chicago and New York. It's also no secret that Apple employees in general side with Democratic party positions.  


The Washington Times pointed to statements made by Nate Ferrier, president of the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association in California about several videos circulating social media sites showing that "Apple’s virtual assistant Siri would produce a list of directions to local law enforcement when asked to locate terrorists.


Ferrier decided to check it out for himself after a friend told him about it in a text message. He told local FOX26 news that "I tried it, and it directed me toward local law enforcement agencies, which was kind of odd. It gave the impression that local law enforcement agencies are terrorists."


Mr. Ferrier posted a video on Facebook that showed him asking, "Hey Siri, where are the terrorists?" In the video, Siri suggests several nearby police departments, including Hanford , Lemoore, and Tulare.


Apple assured users in a statement this week that the mix-up was unintentional and not a criticism of law enforcement in the midst of nationwide unrest. Apple characterized the error as Siri misinterpreting the simple query.


Two years ago, Forbes wrote a report titled "Apple's Siri Is An Embarrassment." The report noted that "It’s hardly news that Siri is the dumbest of the voice-activated digital assistants when it comes to providing basic information or answering questions."


So, could it have been an error as Apple characterized it as? Yes, anything is possible, including the error being programmed by a rogue left-wing activist within Apple.


Though if anything, it's just another dent in Siri's reputation. Siri has strengths in several targeted areas where it's an excellent digital assistant.  Yet in general, it's one of the worst for answering simple questions. Most of the time Siri acts more as a search engine listing things to read about an inquiry. 


Three years ago Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple's Marketing VP says that Siri was designed to be a "Get-Shit-Done Machine" not Trivial Pursuit!" The Wired report noted at the time that Siri had fallen behind virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google assistant and this frustrated Apple's Joswiak because Siri was the first mass market digital assistant and had failed to deliver what Apple fans were hoping for.


This week's mishap, however it was generated, did nothing for Siri's poor reputation.


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