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It's being reported in Chinese publication today that analyst Guo Mingchi, known as Ming-Chi Kuo in North America, released his latest research report today, saying that San'an Optoelectronics is expected to start shipping miniLED dies for Apple iPad and MacBook from 2021, and predicts that San'an Optoelectronics will supply 20-30% of Apple's miniLED products in 2021 and 45-55% by 2022.


Due to the significant reduction in cost and supply risks, Guo predicts that the penetration rate of miniLED in Apple's iPad will reach 30-40% in 2021, and the penetration rate of MacBook will reach 20-30%.


Guo Mingchi's report mainly describes the miniLED supply relationship between San'an Optoelectronics and Jingdian. Previously, the market expected Jingdian to become Apple's exclusive supplier of miniLED chips in 2021.


With the development of San'an Optoelectronics speeding up, Guo Mingchi expects that in 2021, the cost of miniLED chips will be greatly reduced due to San'an Optoelectronics becoming a new supplier, which is conducive to the growth of Apple's miniLED product shipments.


Tianfeng International previously estimated that the total cost of miniLED display chips (about 10,000) for iPad and MacBook would be US$75-85, but the addition of San'an Optoelectronics will significantly reduce the cost to less than US$45.


As early as March of this year, Guo Mingchi predicted that Apple will launch 6 mini- LED products, including 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 27-inch iMac Pro, 14.1-inch MacBook Pro , 16-inch MacBook Pro, 10.2-inch iPad and 7.9-inch iPad mini.


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