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1 X Cover MediaTek & Intel 5G modems for PCs


MediaTek has announced advances in its collaboration with Intel to bring 5G experiences to next-generation PCs with the successful development and certification of its 5G modem data card 1700 5G that MediaTek's President Joe Chen is presenting in our cover graphic.


MediaTek’s T700 5G modem, which will be used to bring 5G connectivity to Intel-powered PCs, has completed 5G standalone real world tests. Additionally, Intel has progressed on system integration, validation and developing platform optimizations for a superior user experience and is readying co-engineering support for its OEM partners. MediaTek and Intel are both committed to delivering a superior user experience.


It's unknown at this time whether Apple is one of Intel's OEM partners working on this project or if they're planning to bring their own 5G solutions via Qualcomm for both Intel and Apple Silicon hardware like MacBooks in 2021 or earlier.  


MediaTek President Joe Chen: "Our partnership with Intel is a natural extension of our growing 5G mobile business, and is an incredible market opportunity for MediaTek to move into the PC market. With Intel’s deep expertise in the PC space and our groundbreaking 5G modem technology, we will redefine the laptop experience and bring consumers the best 5G experiences."


Chris Walker, Intel corporate VP and GM of Mobile Client Platforms: "A successful partnership is measured by execution, and we’re excited to see the rapid progress we are making with MediaTek on our 5G modem solution with customer sampling starting later this quarter. Building on our 4G/LTE leadership in PCs, 5G is poised to further transform the way we connect, compute and communicate. Intel is committed to enhancing those capabilities on the world’s best PCs."


Whether consumers are at home or on the go, they can browse, stream and game at ultra-fast 5G speeds with the MediaTek T700 modem. MediaTek’s modem is also highly power efficient to extend the battery life of laptops so consumers can go longer in between charges. MediaTek is rolling out its advanced 5G technology across the PC, mobile, home, auto and IoT segments to make super-fast connectivity accessible to everyone.


The first laptops enabled by the MediaTek and Intel 5G modem solution are expected in early 2021.


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