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Apple's acquired 2017 patent published today relates to a monitoring & managing medical conditions system that works while Sleeping

1 Cover Apple health patent acquired by Tueo


Back in May 2019 Patently Apple discovered a patent in the European Patent Office database. Our report on this was titled "Apple Acquires Patent that Covers Systems that Monitor & Manage Chronic Medical Conditions while Sleeping."  Today, the U.S. Patent Office published this patent under Apple as the assignee.


Apple had acquired the entire worldwide right, title and interest in the listed patents from Tueo Health Inc. as noted in-part from the document presented below.


2 F Patently Apple  Assignment  Tueo Health to Apple


Apple's newly acquired patent application relates to noninvasive, diagnostic, medical devices, systems and methods. Further, this application is related to methods for monitoring and managing chronic medical conditions.


 More specifically the invention covers devices, systems and methods to assist with the monitoring or management of a patient's medical condition, which has one or more sensors sensing individual patient data on or near the patient. This individual patient data corresponds to at least one physiological parameter of the patient and includes a sensor that does not require the patient to apply it or activate it.


Apple patent FIG. 5 below is a side view figurative representation of a patient lying on a bed with a below-mattress sensor; FIG.  6 is a side view figurative representation of a patient lying on a bed with a below-mattress sensor.




Below is an April 2017 start-up presentation made by Bronwyn Uber Harris, MD, Co-founder and CEO of Tueo Health at the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, San Francisco Bay Area chapter. Bronwyn is listed on the patent as one of the inventors.



Apple acquired Beddit back in 2017 and this recently acquired patent from Tueo Health could technically build on the foundation of the Beddit applications and technology.


For more details, review the full patent application 20200253547 that was published today by the U.S. Patent Office. You could also review our 2017 report that provides more patent figures, details and a second video. Considering that this is a patent application, the timing of such a product to market is unknown at this time.


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