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Apple wins another Project Titan Patent for a Unique Adjustable Windshield, Sunroof & Window Tinting System and more

1 X Cover Project Titan


Apple's Project Titan covers a body of patents relating to a future vehicle that the company is working on. The project is massive and you can review Apple's patents on this subject matter here.


One of the ongoing Project Titan sub-projects relates to the creation of adjustable windows that have adjustable layers such as adjustable tint layers, adjustable reflectivity layers, and adjustable haze layers. Adjustable window layers may be incorporated into a window with one or more transparent structural layers such as a pair of glass window layers. Adjustable components such as adjustable reflectivity layers, adjustable haze layers, and adjustable tint layers may be interposed between the pair of glass window layers.


Yesterday Apple was granted patent 10,730,368 titled "Systems with Windows." The granted patent covers electrically adjustable components of windows may be used to adjust the optical properties of the windows in a building or vehicle.


For example, electrically adjustable windows may be adjusted to change the absorption of light and therefore the light transmission of the windows. An adjustable light modulator layer may, for example, serve as an electrically adjustable sunroof for a rooftop window or may be used to implement an electrically adjustable shade for a side, front, or rear window. In an illustrative configuration, the transparency of the window may be modulated using a liquid crystal light modulator such as a guest-host liquid crystal light modulator.


3 x Adjustable vehicle glass for tinting etc


Adjustable optical component layers may also be used to display images, such as Maps turn-by-turn navigation, to provide illumination, and/or to otherwise adjust the appearance and behavior of a window.


In arrangements such as these, an adjustable component such as an organic light-emitting diode display, an edge-lit light-guide plate that provides illumination, and/or an adjustable component that produces adjustable tint, adjustable reflectivity, adjustable light emission, adjustable haze, and/or other adjustable properties may incorporated into a window. Adjustable optical components for windows may sometimes be referred to as adjustable optical layers, adjustable window layers, technology layers, adjustable components, adjustable optical component layers, etc.


Other patents filed by Apple engineers on this same subject include these: 01, 02 and 03.


On July 23 Patently Apple posted a report titled " Apple's Third Patent Surfaces Relating to a Future Mixed Reality Windshield for Turn-by-Turn Directions and more," which delves further into a future windshield UI.


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