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On August 8, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Shame on Apple Legal for Tarnishing the Company's "Good Guy" Image by being a Heartless Bully in opposing the logo of a small business." The report covered Apple's opposition to a logo that they feared by noting in their ridiculous 352 page opposition document that the logo is "likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive."


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The logo in question is owned by a company called Super Health Kids, Inc. The company created a meal planner and grocery list app called "Prepear" that helps people discover recipes and more. Unless Apple is planning to offer a similar app expanding their reach into health related apps and features, it's difficult at this point in time to believe that Apple is trying so hard to stop a logo that has no resemblance to an Apple. It's clearly a pear.  


No one will ever say, except for the Apple lawyer filing this nonsense: oh look, Apple has a new logo. It's not going to happen. It's not a logo found on a desktop, a notebook, a smartwatch, a tablet or smartphone.


Logo's are filed under distinct International Classes for protection. A company like Apple can't go beyond what the classes the Apple logo is assigned to. Without doing an extensive search, I doubt that Apple's logo is protected under an international class related to food and meal plans.


The reason for today's report is to provide you with an update on Apple's action. According to iPhone Canada, which posted a follow-up report late last week, Apple is doubling down against the company's logo application. The company reached out to iPhone Canada with a note stating the following:


"Through discussions between our attorney and Apple’s legal team, we learned that not only would Apple be continuing their opposition to our logo, but worse, they had taken additional steps in preventing our logo from being registered as a trademark by filing an additional opposition against our trademark in Canada. This will increase the cost of the defense of our logo, and is a clear sign that Apple is doubling down on their fight against all fruit."


As the owners of the Super Healthy Kids website, the Prepear founders went on to say, “It would be easy to think that this is just lawyers being lawyers, and that the rest of Apple doesn’t agree with this sort of bullying behavior, so we reached out to Apple’s PR team sharing the petition and requested to discuss the situation, and received no response. Apple has also ignored the dozens of reporters who reached out to them for comment."


Lastly, it should be noted that the Canadian report revealed that a petition against Apple on this issue has gathered some 200,000 signatures thus far. For more on this, including the Canadian filing, read the full iPhone Canada report. 


You could get the full story/testimony directly from Super Healthy Kids founders here. Natalie, shown below on the left, is one of the owners of the company. Natalie is a mom and registered dietitian with a passion to help parents create a home environment where they can raise healthy kids!


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