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The Action Filled 'Greyhound' Movie Smashed through all previous Apple TV+ records for opening weekend Statistics

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On Saturday Patently Apple posted a report praising the Tom Hanks Movie Greyhound as a winning summer popcorn movie. We noted that Greyhound was set at a heart-pounding pace that sucked you right into the action. This afternoon Deadline confirmed that Greyhound was indeed a smash hit for Apple TV+.


More specifically, the Deadline report noted that Greyhound had "become the largest opening-weekend release ever for Apple TV+, including series." Sources told Deadline that "the film turned in a viewing audience commensurate with a summer theatrical box office big hit."


Further, the report noted that "Beyond generating the largest opening weekend ever for Apple TV+, 30% of its viewers were new to the service."


Deadline sees the hit movie 'Greyhound' as only being the beginning of great films coming to the the streaming service.  The executive team for Apple Worldwide Video starting with Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht have been on a tear recently, reeling in a number of great films for Apple TV+.


Apple gained the Martin Scorsese-directed Leonardo DiCaprio-Robert De Niro-starrer Killers of the Flower Moon, the Antoine Fuqua-Will Smith runaway slave thriller Emancipation, and closing last week’s big deal for Snow Blind, the Gustav Moller-directed graphic novel adaptation to star Jake Gyllenhaal. And of course more is coming from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg with another WWII limited series titled "Masters of the Air" that begins production next March. For more on this, read the full Deadline report.


Lastly, Tom Hanks celebrated his 64th birthday last week as his movie was hitting small screens around the globe.


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