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Digitimes is reporting that development for Apple Watch 6 reportedly has been going smoothly, with ASE Technology obtaining a major portion of the backend service orders.  More importantly, the report reveals that Apple Watch will add a new health dimension, mainly measuring blood oxygen levels.


Measuring Blood Oxygen has been a feature that has been mentioned in a number of Apple Watch Patents, with the latest being published in June. Apple routinely adds sensor types that they're working on in Apple Watch patents, sensors they're planning to bring to market over time. Below is the list of sensors that were published in our June report with blood oxygen highlighted in red.


The types of sensors that could be used in future Apple Watch bands include those that "gather environmental measurements and/or user input and may include ambient light sensors (visible light sensors, color sensitive light sensors, ultraviolet light sensors, etc.), optical proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, temperature sensors, force sensors (e.g., for measuring biometric information), gas pressure sensors, heart rate sensors, blood oxygen level sensors (e.g., based on emitted and detected light), electrocardiogram sensors (e.g., sensors for measuring electrical signals on a user's body), particulate sensors (e.g., sensors that use light measurements and/or other measurements to measure particulate concentration in the air), image sensors (cameras), gas pressure sensors, carbon dioxide sensors and/or sensors measuring other gas concentrations, position and/or orientation sensors (e.g., inertial measurement units based on one or more sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and/or compasses), accelerometers for gathering user tap input, etc."


Today, the Digitimes report specifically stated that "Apple Watch‌ 6 will feature biosensors that can monitor sleeping conditions, detect blood oxygen and measure pulse rates, heartbeats and atrial fibrillation, and will also incorporate MEMS-based accelerometer and gyroscope, all allowing the new device to continue to lead in measurement precision among wearable devices, the sources said."


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