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Apple supplier Japan Display (JDI) has been struggling to survive ever since Apple made the dramatic switch to OLED displays for iPhone X. JDI, like LG, were completely taken by surprise when Apple shifted away from LCD displays and used Samsung exclusively for Apple's top iPhones. With the switch to all OLED this year, it made the situation even worse for JDI. In November Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple and Partner Wistron are Offering additional assistance to Japan Display to Remain Viable." Today, JDI has revealed some positive news.


According to Bloomberg, Japan Display Inc., the struggling supplier of screens to Apple Inc., says it is in talks with customers on possible joint investments in next-generation organic light-emitting diode displays. Shares of JDI posted their biggest gain in 19 months.


JDI is developing a technology that will deliver OLED screens that are sharper, less power hungry and are easier to produce, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Minoru Kikuoka said in an interview.


While JDI is a few technical milestones short of deciding whether to push ahead, it has already started talks with some customers on investing in the new technology, Kikuoka said, declining to name specific companies.


JDI intends to use a different manufacturing technology than the evaporation method used by rivals, Kikuoka said. Whether to advance to mass production will depend on its ability to raise output yields and customer needs at the time. He estimated that the company could commence full-scale manufacturing in Japan or abroad as early as 2022. For more, read the full Bloomberg report on their technology home page today.


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