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Interim CEO for Imagination sees a chance for more Engagement with Apple this year

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In 2017 Apple ended their contract with Imagination Technologies which sent the stock plunging. In early January 2020 Apple signed a new licensing agreement with Imagination who had branched out to cover AV/AR IP solutions.


Today we're learning that "Imagination Technologies Group sees a chance for more engagement with its most high-profile customer, Apple Inc., this year as the company’s new licensing agreement with Apple "certainly opens the door for more engagement with that company," interim Chief Executive Officer Ray Bingham said in an interview."


Imagination isn’t allowed to discuss its relationship with Apple beyond saying the Cupertino, California-based company is a licensee, but news that Apple is planning to start making more of its own chips doesn’t affect "our relationship with Apple in any negative way," Bingham said.


Apple has split from chipmaker Intel Corp., deciding to make more of its Apple Silicon chips in-house for the next generation of Mac computers. That could open the door for companies that license designs for semiconductors to win new business with Apple.


Licenses for the company’s new technology, announced at the end of last year, are driving growth in 2020. The GPUs are attracting customers including carmakers, which use them in entertainment and dashboard systems, as well as those involved in the internet of things. The firm also has a number of licensees for its technology used in laptops and desktop computers. The Bloomberg story has more on this and you'll find it on their technology page here for at least today.


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