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A Document Reveals that the Texas Attorney is Currently conducting a Multi-State Investigation into Apple Deceiving Consumers

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When it rains it pours. There's been a relentless attack on Apple by the EU on multiple fronts including the App Store and Apple Pay while being threatening of a possible third relating to Siri. Next week Apple's CEO Tim Cook will be testifying at the U.S. Antitrust hearing on multiple issues, but especially The App Store. A new report published late this morning claims that Apple could be facing a multi-state consumer protection probe.


Axios reports today that "Multiple states are investigating Apple for potentially deceiving consumers, according to a March document (see further below) uncovered by a tech watchdog group.


The Texas attorney general may sue Apple for violating the state’s deceptive trade practices law in connection with a multi-state investigation, according to the document, obtained by the Tech Transparency Project through a public records request and shared with Axios Thursday.


It's not yet clear what specific practices Texas or any other states are looking into or the current status of this investigation. The document doesn't describe the investigation in detail or identify the other states involved. For more on this read the full Axios report by Margaret Harding McGill.   


The full document from Mr. Justin Gordon, Open Records Division, Office of the Attorney General, Austin, Texas is presented below, courtesy of Patently Apple. The document was discovered by Axios. 


Texas-AG-Apple - Opened Mar... by Jack Purcher on Scribd


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