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Zipit Wireless offers a suite of Value-Added Services that sit on top of leading IoT cloud platforms (like Amazon) that make it easier to launch and monetize subscription-based IoT solutions anywhere in the world. A promotional video of theirs is presented below.



On Thursday Zipit Wireless filed a patent infringement case against Apple in the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, claiming that Apple's iMessage service infringes on two of their patents.


Zipit Wireless is claiming that Apple has in the past and continues to infringe their patent number 7,292,870 titled "Instant messaging terminal adapted for Wi-Fi access points" [2007]; and 7,894,837 patent titled "Instant messaging terminal adapted for wireless communication access points. [2011]"  


One of the specific patent claims that Zipit points to Apple infringing is patent claim #20 of the '870 patent that reads as follows:


"A method for managing wireless network access and instant messaging through a wireless access point with a handheld instant messaging terminal comprising: entering textual characters and graphical symbols with a data entry device of a handheld terminal to form instant messages for delivery to an instant messaging service; displaying the entered textual characters and graphical symbols on a display of the handheld terminal; communicating instant messages with a wireless, Internet protocol access point, the instant messages being communicated with a communications module and wireless transceiver in the handheld terminal; coordinating authentication for coupling the handheld instant messaging terminal to a local network through the wireless, Internet protocol access point; implementing instant messaging and sessions protocols to control a conversation session through the wireless, Internet protocol access point, the instant messaging and session protocols being implemented within the handheld instant messaging terminals; displaying conversation histories for active conversations terminated by a loss of a network connection; and automatically searching for wireless, Internet protocol network beacons after the conversation histories are displayed."


Zipit's formal complaint before the court further claims that "Defendant’s infringing acts include, but are not necessarily limited to, Defendant’s manufacture, use, offering for sale, sale, and importation of Wi-Fi-enabled instant messaging devices and methods, such as the above listed smartphones, that generate an instant message that includes an emoji/graphical symbol, such as [those noted below], using an instant messaging application that was preloaded onto Defendant’s Wi-Fi enabled smartphone by Defendant, such as "iMessage," and/or using a third party instant messaging application that have been downloaded onto one of the Defendant’s Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, as instructed.


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For more details, read the full complaint by Zipit Wireless filed with the court in the SCRIBD document below, courtesy of Patently Apple.


Zipit Wireless Inc v. Apple... by Jack Purcher on Scribd


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