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A new supply Chain report this morning claims that Taiwan's VCSEL component supply chain makers for Apple's 2020 iPhone lineup have been gearing up their production since June, with the momentum likely to continue into the third quarter 2020, according to industry sources.


GaAs wafer foundry Win Semiconductors reportedly has landed orders for processing VCSEL chips to support 3D sensors and ToF (time of flight) camera solutions for the new iPhone devices, with testing solution providers Elite Advanced Laser and Chroma Ate developing inspection tools for examining those VCSEL components, the source said.


The sources also indicated that Apple has even placed large volumes of orders for VCSEL testing tools with Chroma Ate, with shipments slated for September, as Apple is ramping up VCSEL testing capacity as preparations for 2021.


Meanwhile, TSMC's backend service affiliate Xintec will continue to offer packaging services for DOE (diffractive optical element) devices for 3D CMOS modules to be used by the new iPhones, the sources indicated.


Related VCSEL component suppliers all declined to comment on media reports or matter concerning clients, but said they expect prices for VCSEL components to move upward in the third quarter along with robust demand.


In news from the rumor mill, reported molds of Apple's next-gen iPhone 12 have been posted on Twitter. While I'm certainly not a believer in CADs and molds found online, the feedback shows that there's a huge fan base for this type of rumor, so enjoy. 


2 mold shot 1
2 mold shot 1


Below are the two Twitter sites where the the latest photos of molds and (ridiculous) CADs came from.




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