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Apple is Reportedly doubling down in China while 5G iPhones with Millimeter Wave technology could be in short supply in 2020

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Rumors covering 5G iPhones with millimeter wave (mmWave) antennas have been all over place this year. Starting in early February, Fast Company was reporting that Apple hadn't made up their minds which way to go with Millimeter Wave antennas which could delay 5G iPhones. Then on June 18 it appeared that Apple was firmly on track for 5G iPhones with mmWave technology using Qualcomm's X60 5G modem. A week later and a new report claimed that Qualcomm was to only ship the X60 in 2021. So unless Apple was able to secure the X60 in volume from Qualcomm for the iPhone 12, it could mean a delay or slower to market 5G iPhones.


Today Digitimes is reporting that "Shipments of mmWave-enabled 5G iPhones slated for launch later this year are estimated to reach only 15-20 million units in 2020 compared to a previous supply chain estimate of 30-40 million units, intensifying competition among Apple's suppliers of..."


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On another front, Digitimes is reporting today that "In order to cut costs, diversify production risks and better tap the Chinese market, Apple has allowed Chinese partners to play an increasingly important role in assembling diverse devices including iPads, Apple Watches and AirPods, posing growing threats…"


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While Foxconn is increasing phone production in India in 2021, it would appear that it may be limited to increasing production for local shipments and not international as India was hoping for.


Then again, rumors are like whether reports; wait 5 minutes and things could change in a flash.


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