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A new analytical report this morning claims that six out of ten hearable users in the UK plan to buy a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headset within a year, according to a Counterpoint Research Consumer Lens study. This consumer research study highlights the inclination of consumers towards TWS, with one-third preferring TWS for regular use.  The UK’s TWS market is set to grow at a 64% CAGR to 17 million units in 2022.


Looking at the future potential of TWS hearables, users who currently only have wireless hearables, 70% of them are interested in buying a TWS in the future. Among users who have both wired and wireless hearables, 60% of them are interested in TWS.


Commenting on the OEM preference, Mr. Naiya stated that "Apple will continue its dominance of the UK hearable market because of its loyal smartphone user base. Bose is well-known for its wireless headphones and this popularity is translating also to TWS, helped by recent attractive offers. Sony’s high ratings in media reviews have helped it secure the third strongest brand preference – similar to Bose.”


2 x chart counterpoint tws


Counterpoint's second chart presents price points and the new sweet spot price between 101₤ (US$125) to 200£ (US$250). Apple's AirPods Pro, which offers active noise cancellation, sells for US$249 which is in the higher end of the survey's sweet spot.


3 price chart counterpoint jun 25  2020

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