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The latest Apple iPhone 12 Rumors surface in a new Video pointing to Pro Motion, Improved Zoom & more



Another video from rumor house EverythingApplePro has surfaced. Filip Koroy walks us through the latest leaks from his sources Max Weinbach and John Crosser. A few highlights include the following:


Apple's iPhone 12 Pro models (6.1 and 6.7") will offer "Pro Motion" 120Hz while the lower end model displays will remain at 60Hz. The Pro Motion will be an automatic feature, meaning you won't need to manually switch between modes as an algorithm will auto-adjust the refresh rate depending on your content and so forth.


Digital Zoom on the Pro series will advance to between 25-30X from the current 10X. This is an area Apple has lagged behind the competition for some time. iPhone fans will definitely appreciate this improvement. 


Their latest rumor of Apple's next-gen Touch ID under the display will be limited to the 6.7" Pro Max model. As you know, Apple has been working on this feature for some time as their patents prove out (01, 02 & 03). Offering biometric options is another area where Apple has lagged behind the competition.    


According to Weinbach, the iPhone 12's Face ID camera notch will finally be reduced. It appears the technology for hiding face side cameras under the display is still a work in progress. If you hate the notch, the iPhone SE is your best option.


The rumor site takes a wild guess at iPhone branding to include "iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini.


EverythingApplePro also confirmed that the iPhone 12's killer color will be Navy Blue. Whether Apple will offer Midnight Green on any other iPhone 11 model is unknown at this time. Why kill off a highly popular color option?


Their rumor of a "smart connector" is no longer viable, which means their so-called Apple CADs and theories didn't pan out.


3 rumor not happening


And lastly, the rumor site's original guessing of a 4400mAh battery for the iPhone 12 is reportedly not accurate, yet they're unable to confirm the new battery size at this time. 



Highlight Images from the Video


3 Rumor highlights


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