Apple Releases their 2020 Supplier Responsibility Report that includes new COVID-19 Measures taken at Supplier Plants
TSMC issues a Press Release confirming its commitment to an Arizona chip plant that may extend to U.S. 'Customers & Partners'

Foxconn Announces that their main Factories are now back to Normal which is Positive News for iPhone 12 Production



I think by now that news of tech companies, in general, having been hit hard by closures brought on by Wuhan Virus is pretty much understood. Companies like Foxconn reporting major profit losses aren't due to a lack of or drop off of demand. It's strictly related to once in a lifetime circumstance. The good news being reported today is that Apple's iPhone and iPad supplier Foxconn has indicated that all of its major factories in Mainline China are back to normal, reports CNN. That should translate to the iPhone 12 and other Apple products being back on track for Q4.


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