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Apple won 24 Design Patents Friday covering Apple Watch Interfaces, iDevice 'Markup' Tools, Pro Display XDR & more

1 Cover Apple Watch interface granted design patent


Apple was granted 24 design patents by the Hong Kong Patent office late last week. The patents cover Apple Watch interfaces, Apple Watch app covering women's health tracking cycle app interfaces, the iDevice 'Markup' tool and the Pro Display XDR.


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with design patent figures. No additional specifics of the design are made available.


Hong Kong Patent Office Design Win Form Example


2 design patent apple watch hong kong Registered Design Patent may 2020(Click on image to Enlarge)


Apple Watch Interfaces


3 Apple Watch Interfaces Square and Circular
3 Apple Watch Interfaces Square and Circular


Apple Watch Women's Tracking Cycle App UIs


5 Apple Watch Design Patents Hong Kong 2020 - Patently Apple IP report



6 Apple Watch design patents hong kong 2020


iDevice Photo 'Markup' Tools


7 Apple design patents for Markup Tools  iPhone  iPad


Mac Pro Display XDR


Apple was granted three design patents covering the Pro Display XDR numbered #1915121.4M001 to .4M003. The image below covers the entire display while the other designs broke down to cover only specific parts of Apple's high-end display.


8 Apple Design patent  Hong Kong  Mac Pro Display XDR


11. 0F DESIGN & TMs Bar


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