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Apple to Restrictively Open 10 Apple Stores in Italy on Tuesday with others in the Country's Northwest to remain Closed

1 cover Apple Store Milan


On this Friday we're now learning that Apple Inc. has stated that it plans to reopen 10 of its 17 stores in Italy next week, the latest move to revive a retail sales network that was hammered by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Apple's official Statement: "We’re excited to begin welcoming visitors back to some of our stores in Italy this Tuesday. Our newly reopened stores will have significant safety procedures including temperature checks, social distancing and face coverings to ensure customers and employees continue to stay healthy.” The company will also let a limited number of customers in the stores at a time."


2 areas of italy not open for Apple Stores


Bloomberg added that "Italy was one of the first regions to be affected by the novel coronavirus and Apple closed its retail doors there relatively early. The company isn’t yet reopening its locations in Lombardy and Piedmont, two of the country’s hardest hit areas that are located in the northwest region."


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