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1 cover Apple Watch Studio


On Friday Apple was granted a series of new design patents from the Hong Kong Patent Office covering 'Apple Watch Studio' in-store display trays that sit on Apple Store tables. One such design in photo form is illustrated as our cover graphic. In total 16 images were granted, with our report covering ten of the key figures.


In other IP news, Apple also filed for the 'AirPods Pro' trademark in the U.S. and USPTO issued Apple a Registered Trademark Certificate for 'ClassKit."  


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with design patent figures. No additional specifics of the design are made available.


Apple Watch Studio: In-Store Display (Actual)


2 X Apple Watch Studio - In-Store trays part 1


'Apple Watch Studio' In-Store Display Design Patents


Yesterday the Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple a series of design patents covering 'Apple Watch Studio' in-store displays. The first two designs presented below cover designs having space-grooves in a tray to accommodate 6 watch bands and 6 cases; and another with grooves to accommodate 3 watch bands and 3 cases.  All of the designs were filed under the Locarno Classification 20 – 2 which covers "Display and Sales Equipment."  


3X  Apple Design patent Hong Kong ....1915179.6M002 Apple Watch Studio in-store tray
3X  Apple Design patent Hong Kong ....1915179.6M002 Apple Watch Studio in-store tray


In the second round of design patents for 'Apple Watch Studio' in-store displays we're able to see alternative designs with just case grooves and space for bands to sit in, with the last display being a totally empty / groove-less tray design for maximum flexibility to accommodate as many watch bands and cases as needed by the sales representative serving a customer.


5X  Apple Design patent Hong Kong ....1915179.6M003 & 6M004 Apple Watch Studio in-store tray


One Hong Kong Patent Office Design Patent Form 


Below is a partial of one of the design patent forms issued by the Hong Kong Patent Office for the Apple Watch Studio in-store displays under number 1915179.6M002. 


6 - one example of Friday May 15  2020 Granted design patent (Registered in Hong Kong) for Apple Watch Studio in-store displays


Other IP News this Week


6B AirPods Pro


In other IP news this week, Apple filed for the 'AirPods Pro' trademark under 88831036 that was filed in March and published last week. USPTO also issued a certificate of registration for the trademark "ClassKit," under number 6,053,970 as presented below.


7 x ClassKit now a registered trademark USPTO Image


11. 0F TMs & Designs Bar


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