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Demand is so high for Apple's Custom Designed Face Shields that they've opened a 'How to make them' webpage

1 x cover Apple Face Shield - how to make your own mask


On April 6th Apple's CEO announced the company's foray into custom face shields for health care workers. On April 7th Apple published instructions on how to adjust their newly designed face shields. Tim Cook added that "For Apple, this is a labor of love and gratitude and we'll share more of our efforts over time." On April 16 Apple donated tens of thousands of their custom designed face shields to Cooper University Health Care and then on April 17 Apple donated 160,000 shields to Logistics Victory Los Angeles.  


With the demand being so great for Apple's custom shields, the company has now published a webpage titled "Make your own Shield" that instructs others how to fabricate their own face shields. The page reviews Recommended materials; using alternative materials; Potential fabrication methods; Fabrication process; Test assembly, pack and more. 


Apple also provides design release files to download and are available to Mac users (only) here. Windows users are claiming that they can download the files but just can't open them. For more on this, check out the full Apple webpage.


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