Apple Invents Under-Display Optical Fingerprint Sensor with Narrow Field-of-View Collimator and TFT/Organic Imager
Apple Invents a new Protective Layer for Foldable Displays that is designed to Resist Cracking at the Fold Mark

Apple Posts an iPad Pro Ad promoting the Magic Keyboard's new Floating iPad stand

1 x cover iPad pro with magic keyboard floating stand

Update 5:54 p.m. PST: New Apple video about navigating your iPad Pro with a trackpad


Apple has released a new iPad Pro advertisement. Apple states: "Introducing the new iPad Pro. It’s faster than most PC laptops and features the most advanced mobile display, ever. With Wide and Ultra Wide Pro cameras and the new LiDAR Scanner to take AR to the next level. Oh, and it floats on a new backlit Magic Keyboard with trackpad."


The new Apple ad also continues the theme of what's a computer?



Apple has also added a new video about navigating your iPad with a trackpad as presented below. 



Today Marques Brownlee reviewed the new Magic Keyboard as presented below. Brownlee loves the case but still prefers to use a MacBook Pro … a standard computer.



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