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1 Cover apple solution for cracking at center of folding devices


Sometimes while searching for new patents in Europe I'll come across a U.S. based patent that I originally missed when it was posted. Today I discovered a patent application that was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office on March 26, 2020. It's an interesting patent filing as it attempts to correct the display cracking issue in foldable devices today which has definitely turned off consumers to the whole idea of foldable smartphones. Apple's patent specifically relates to protective cover layer structures for smartphones, and more particularly for flexible displays that could fold while being crack resistant.


Apple's invention describes display modules and protective cover layer structures that may be implemented in curved, flexible, conformable and foldable display modules, and in particular with curved, flexible, conformable and foldable display panels.


Various embodiments are described in which a hardcoat layer is applied to a transparent support substrate to form a protective cover layer structure. The hardcoat layer may be characterized as possessing a lower elastic modulus, higher elongation-to-break and optionally a lower hardness than the transparent support substrate.


In one aspect, such a hybrid structure may prevent cracks from forming in the transparent support substrate.


In another aspect, such a hybrid structure may move the neutral plane of protective cover layer so that the surfaces of the transparent support substrate see a lower strain upon bending.


Apple's patent FIG. 1 below is a schematic isometric view illustration of a protective cover layer; FIG. 2 is a schematic cross-sectional side view illustration of a bent protective cover layer.


Apple notes that typically, glass fracture initiates from the presence of micro-cracks. The hardcoat layer #104 in accordance with embodiments may fill pre-existing micro-cracks and also make it harder to initiate a crack.


Furthermore, the hardcoat layer may be engineered to have a sufficiently high hardness and tensile strength to function as an exterior protective coating for the electronic device, while being able to withstand more strain before fracture compared to the transparent support substrate #102. Thus, the hardcoat layer is sufficiently durable for high puncture and scratch resistance.


2 B foldable iPhone


Apple's patent FIG. 4A above is a schematic top view illustration of crack propagation in a scratched transparent support substrate; FIG. 4B is a schematic top view illustration of crack propagation in a scratched transparent support substrate with hardcoat layer


Apple's patent FIGS. 12A-12B above are schematic isometric view illustrations of an electronic device #1200 such as an iPhone. The display panel #150 and protective cover layer #100 may be curved, flexible, conformable and/or foldable. Apple's patent FIG. 12A illustrates an outward bending application, while FIG. 12B illustrates an inward bending application.


Apple states that the display that could be curved, flexible, conformable or bendable could apply to a number of products including an iPhone, Apple Watch, TV, MacBook, iPad, or iMac (an all-in-one desktop).  


Apple's patent application that was published in late March by the U.S. Patent Office was filed back in Q3 2019. Considering that this is a patent application, the timing of such a product to market is unknown at this time.


Apple Inventors


Hoon Kim: Display Investigation, Lead Technologist (Hardware Engineering Manager). Previously worked at Samsung as a Foldable OLED Display Module Architect.

Paul Drzaic: Director, Display Investigations

ChangChia Huang: Senior Emerging Display Engineer

Christopher Jones: Chemist/Materials Scientist

Masato Kuwabara: Sr. Optical Film Engineer

Nikhil Kalyankar: Sr Optical Engineer

Yasmin Afsar: Hardware Engineer, Emerging Display Technology

Terry Shyu: Engineer, Emerging Display


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