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Apple Extends Employee Travel ban to Italy and South Korea

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Last Friday Patently Apple posted a report about Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech companies cancelling their near-term events due to COVID-19. In fact this afternoon Google cancelled another event, their developer conference known as I/O which we added to our report. More than likely, Apple will be next to cancel their WWDC conference in June, but the decision has not been confirmed.


On Saturday the Trump administration urged Americans to not travel to Italy and South Korea amid coronavirus outbreaks in those countries, as reported on by USA Today.



And it's no wonder that Italy has been added. The Hill reported on Sunday that "Italian authorities said Sunday that the country has confirmed 1,694 cases of a potentially deadly coronavirus, representing a 50 percent increase in the last 24 hours alone."


It's now being reported this afternoon that Apple is adhering to that travel ban and have informed employees of such. Bloomberg reports that Apple told employees in a memo: "We have instituted specific travel restrictions in a few countries including China, South Korea, and Italy.”


Employees are only allowed to travel to those regions for business-critical reasons and must get approval from a company vice president, Apple told staff in messages viewed by Bloomberg News.


The memo sent Monday evening also outlined the company’s procedures for handling the outbreak, including the encouragement of virtual meetings.


"There are many ways to continue to manage our ongoing meetings and activities through calls and video," Apple said in the email to workers. "If you do have travel planned, we suggest you work with your managers to consider delaying or canceling business travel which could be postponed or managed through virtual meetings."


Apple also said "deep cleaning protocols are our top priority" and are in effect across its stores, offices and employee shuttles. It has since put hand sanitizer stations at the front of its stores as well.


The company’s memo also said that "any employee who is sick, in particular, anyone who has a fever or severe cough, should take sick leave until they have fully recovered."


It also is encouraging workers to wash their hands, not touch their faces and cover their coughs. For more read the full Bloomberg report on their technology home page titled "Apple Restricts Employee Travel to Italy, Korea on Coronavirus."


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