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The Top Two Smartphones Globally in 2019 were the iPhone XR and iPhone 11

1 x cover apple xr #1 smartphone in 2019


Although the iPhone 11 was only launched in September, it zoomed to become the second-best selling model globally for all of 2019. That's amazing though not surprising considering that earlier statistical reports showed that the iPhone 11 doubled iPhone XR in the same period in 2019.  Another analytical report posted in January showed that the iPhone 11 accounted for 69% of iPhones sold in the US during the holiday quarter.


In the latest report from Counterpoint they state that the iPhone X was the first iPhone with multiple cameras that launched at a lower price than its predecessor the iPhone XR. This also indicates the impact of the new iPhone series during the all-important holiday season in Q4. Out of the top ten models, Apple captured six places with iPhone XR being the top-selling model globally in 2019, capturing a 3% market share.


Apple is followed by Samsung with three models, all from its A series, among the top 10. The mid-range A series with features like OLED display, multiple cameras, in-display fingerprint sensor, coupled with the brand power of Samsung created an excellent value proposition for buyers. The revamp of A series has paved the way for a successful mid-tier strategy for Samsung.


2 top 10 global phones Q4 2019

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Apple captured all the top five places in North America, while Samsung captured all five in the Middle East and Africa. However, the combined share of the top five models in NAM nearly 30%; the highest among all regions, and an indication of market consolidation. iPhone XR was the only model to capture double-digit market share in any region. Apple captured all the top five places in North America, while Samsung captured all five in the Middle East and Africa.


2019 Global Top Selling Smartphone Market Share by Regions


3 Global regions 2019 smartphone


Clearly Apple's new SE2 (iPhone 9…) is likely to put Apple on the map in Latin America and the region known as MEA covering the Middle East and Africa where they've been shut out as a top five smartphone brand.


Apple's SE2 may also allow Apple to gain ground in India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines and yes, make it's mark against Apple's Chinese competitors. The SE2 is likely to put Apple back in a more stable position in China.


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