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Future Android 11 Phones could include new Backside Tapping Gestures to call up the camera, Google Assistant & more

1 x cover -  pixel double tap backside camera feature coming


Patently Apple posted a granted patent report back in May 2013 that revealed Apple was working on an iPhone with an invisible backside slider control. Then in March 2018 we posted a patent application report titled "Apple Patent envisions new Backside Force Touch Gestures for Added iDevice Functionality." The invention was for both the iPhone and iPad. It seems to be common for Apple to invent interesting new features and yet they're taken up by Samsung or Microsoft and now Google.


A report published by XDA-Developers yesterday afternoon, reveals that Google is testing new double tap gestures on the rear of future Pixel and other Android phones that could launch the default camera app as shown in the Gif below. Other features are listed in full further below.



The XDA Developers discovered the coming gesture system code under "Columbus." More specifically, the developers could confirm that the full range of gestures that could be available in the future includes the following:


  • Dismiss timer
  • Launch camera
  • Launch Google Assistant
  • Play/pause media
  • Collapse status bar
  • Silence incoming phone calls
  • Snooze alarms
  • Unpin notifications
  • Perform a  "user selected action"


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