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On Friday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Foxconn gradually resumes iPhone Production in Zhengzhou, announces US$746 bonuses to attract workers to begin Immediately." Today Digitimes reports on the same topic adding a few additional details.


Today Digitimes reports today that "Foxconn Technology is providing a series of incentives to encourage the return and recruitment of more employees for its major assembly plants in Shenzhen and Chengzhou, China, seeking to fulfill as many shipments of iPhones as possible to Apple, according to industry sources.


The sources said strict travel and traffic controls and fears of being infected with the coronavirus have discouraged many employees from returning. But Foxconn has offered free shuttle-bus commuting, meals and accommodation for workers in addition to thorough disinfection operations at plant sites, the sources.


Foxconn has also raised extra bonus from previous CNY3,000 (US$426.98) to CNY5,000-7,000 (as high as US$998) for both returning and newly recruited employees seeking to ease labor shortages as soon as possible, the sources said.


The sources said many other Taiwan-based makers with manufacturing operations in China are also taking similar measures to stimulate returns or recruitment of employees needed to raise capacity utilization of their plants.


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