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On Thursday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Announces that 'The Banker' Film will hit theaters on March 6th and Apple TV+ on March 20th after their Investigation Ended." In late November Cynthia Garrett stepped forward to say that her half-brother Bernard Garrett Jr., the son of the man the movie is about and part of the deal with Apple, molested her and her sister when they were children. Apple halted the movie to investigate these allegations and decided to bring the story to market beginning on March 20 once their investigation had concluded.


It's now being reported that "Two wives of Bernard Garrett Sr., the central subject of The Banker, are criticizing Apple's decision to release the film in March despite allegations that Garrett's son — initially billed as a co-producer on the film — molested two girls in the family decades ago.


Linda Garrett and Kathy Ussery Garrett, who were married to Bernard Garrett Sr. in the 1960s and 1990s respectively, and who are not involved or depicted in The Banker, claim the movie is inaccurate and should be shelved. "The story was stolen and distorted and it has been hurtful to the family. They have manipulated the narrative," Linda Garrett's attorney, Todd Burns of Burns Law in San Diego, tells The Hollywood Reporter.


"Bernard Jr. has already been paid for this movie. He should not have been allowed to profit from this," says Ussery Garrett, who was married to Garrett Sr. when he died in 1999 and helped him with his memoirs. "He was writing his book on big yellow pads and I was typing them up," she recalls.


In her six-page letter, Linda Garrett provides a timeline of events, some of which are in the film, and claims to debunk their accuracy. The timeline includes the years her daughters, Cynthia and Sheila Garrett, were allegedly "raped" and "molested" by Garrett Jr. beginning when they were 7 and 4, respectively. She told  The Hollywood Reporter (THR) her daughters informed her of the abuse in 1980, and Cynthia, now a minister, has been speaking publicly about it for several years and included the claims in a book.


The two ex-wives of the late Bernard Garrett are imploring Apple Inc to change course and permanently shelve the film amid sexual misconduct allegations against Garrett's son, a producer on the film.


“I am alive," Linda Garrett says in her letter. "If a tiny bit of interest in the truth existed none of this would have happened. I could have spared the filmmakers millions of dollars — and my daughters years more intentionally inflicted pain — over this recent rape of our identity if anyone had ever tried to find me.”


Apple and reps for the film's creative team did not respond to THR's requests for comment on Friday. For more on this, read The Hollywood Reporter story in full.  


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