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According to a new supply chain report published this morning, Wistron plans to start ramping up output, including smartphones, from its third plant in India after kicking off trial production at the plant in November 2019, according to company chairman Simon Lin.


The construction of the third plant has been fast, thanks to collaborative efforts of local team, Lin said, adding that local talents will fulfill the jobs from the top- to mid-tier management at the plant.


Wistron's established two plants in India, both located in Bengaluru, reportedly have been producing Apple's iPhone SE and iPhone 6s devices for sale in the local market, according to industry observers.


The third plant, located in Narasapura, will also undertake the production of iPhone devices initially, boosting Wistron's overall production capacity significantly in India, said the observers.


Meanwhile, Apple reportedly has continued expanding its iPhone production in India, with its partner Foxconn Electronics already beginning the production of iPhone XR devices in the country, indicated the observers.


Smart Keyboard Folio Advancement?


According to a supply chain rumor from Digitimes, "Apple is likely to extend the adoption of glowing scissor switch keyboards to its new iPad lineup, with prospects of continuing such design for the comprehensive lineups of its notebook and tablet products in the future, according to industry sources."


However that contradicts Apple's Worldwide Marketing Chief Phil Schiller who stated back in November that the scissor switch keyboard is reserved for the MacBook Pro. If the standard butterfly keyboard will remain for Apple's MacBook Air, I highly doubt that the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard Folio will adopt the scissor switch keyboard. 


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