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In April 2018 Patently Apple posted a patent infringement report titled "Omni MedSci files a Five-Count Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Apple Alleging the Apple Watch Incorporates their Technology." Late yesterday Omni MedSci filed another patent infringement case against Apple in Northern California concerning their patent 10,517,484 titled "Semiconductor diodes-based physiological measurement device with improved signal-to-noise ratio."


What Omni Medsci is doing in this infringement case is simply adding a new patent that was only granted to them on December 31, 2019 that may strengthen their case.


In a way it's a revision of the historical meeting in 2016 between Omni Medsci and Apple employees Drs. Ed Hull and Shonn Hendee. They're now claiming that they spoke to Apple about the 2019 patent back in 2016.  


Omni Medsci focuses on patent Claim #7 of the '484 patent as presented below:


Patent Claim 7: "A system for measuring one or more physiological parameters and for use with a smart phone or tablet, the system comprising: a wearable device adapted to be placed on a wrist or an ear of a user, and including a light source comprising a plurality of semiconductor sources, each of the semiconductor sources configured to generate an output light having one or more optical wavelengths; the wearable device comprising one or more lenses configured to receive a portion of at least one of the output lights and to deliver a lens output light to tissue; the wearable device further comprising a detection system configured to receive at least a portion of the lens output light reflected from the tissue and to generate an output signal having a signal-to-noise ratio, wherein the detection system is configured to be synchronized to the light source; wherein the detection system comprises a plurality of spatially separated detectors, and wherein at least one analog to digital converter is coupled to at least one of the spatially separated detectors; the smart phone or tablet comprising a wireless receiver, a wireless transmitter, a display, a speaker, a voice input module, one or more buttons or knobs, a microprocessor and a touch screen, the smart phone or tablet configured to receive and process at least a portion of the output signal, wherein the smart phone or tablet is configured to store and display the processed output signal, and wherein at least a portion of the processed output signal is configured to be transmitted over a wireless transmission link; a cloud configured to receive over the wireless transmission link an output status comprising the at least a portion of the processed output signal, to process the received output status to generate processed data, and to store the processed data; wherein the output signal is indicative of one or more of the physiological parameters; the wearable device configured to increase the signal-to-noise ratio by increasing light intensity of at least one of the semiconductor sources from an initial light intensity and by increasing a pulse rate of at least one of the semiconductor sources from an initial pulse rate; and the detection system further configured to: generate a first signal responsive to light received while the semiconductor sources are off, generate a second signal responsive to light received while at least one of the semiconductor sources is on, and increase the signal-to-noise ratio by comparing the first signal and the second signal."


For more details on Omni MedSci's walk-through of the points of patent claim #7 that allegedly prove infringement, read the Plaintiff's full complaint filed with the court in the SCRIBD document below, courtesy of Patently Apple.


   Omni Medsci, Inc v Apple, Patent Infringement by Jack Purcher on Scribd


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Other Patent Infringement Cases regarding Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is the number one smartwatch on the market which makes it a big target. Three others have claimed that Apple stole their technology for Apple Watch since 2016. Below are links to our Patent Infringement reports:


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