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Apple introduced Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) with the iPhone 6 Plus and we even covered this feature in an Apple patent in 2015. OIS led to significantly reduced camera shake when snapping images and recording footage. This morning a supply chain rumor today claims that Apple may introduce a camera feature upgrade to its higher-end iPhone cameras in 2020 called sensor-shift stabilization. The rumor came from Digitimes as you can see below.


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Perhaps the biggest enemy of any photographer is camera shake.  The Sensor-shift image-stabilization system is one of three automated in-camera solutions developed to reduce or eliminate the effects of camera shake when using longish exposures. The two others are optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic or digital image stabilization. One camera magazine states that the Sensor-shift image-stabilization system is arguably the best of the three and here is why.


The Sensor-shift image-stabilisation system works by moving the camera’s sensor around the image plane using electrical actuators. If any shake motion is detected by the camera’s accelerometers, it calculates in real time the direction and speed to move the sensor, so that it remains stationary in relation to the image being projected onto it by the lens. There is a limit to its effectiveness, just like any image-stabilisation system, but it can be useful in moderately low-light situations when a tripod or other support is unavailable.


Sensor-shift image-stabilisation systems can now work in up to five axes to correct camera movement up and down, left and right, and camera rotation.


Sony makes this kind of sensor for larger cameras and it's unknown at this time what supplier is making this available for smartphones. Below is a short video showing how Sensor Shift Image Stabilization is quick to stabilize an image. You'll see shaky shots and then a green square appears in the finder when the stabilization feature is turned and instantly the photo shake is stopped.



Apple is always advancing their cameras and so today's rumor is of course a possibility. However, like many rumors, it's short on details.


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