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1 Cover iPhone 11 Pro design patent report


Today Apple was granted 17 design patents for their new 2019 iPhone 11 and 11-Pro models in Hong Kong, China. Our report presents you with great detailed line-art designs in pristine condition. Apple is protecting their designs so that they can't be sued by trolls or competitors. Also today, Apple legal filed two trademarks in Hong Kong covering the Reality Composer icon and just the text for Mac Catalyst.


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with design patent figures. No additional specifics of the design are made available.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Black and White


Apple was granted design patent 1914130.2M008 earlier today for the iPhone 11 Pro. The black and white design was granted to Apple by the Hong Kong Patent Office under Locarno Classifications 14 – 01, 02 & 03 applicable to all designs presented in this report with the classes explained below:  


14 – 01:  Equipment for recording or reproduction of sounds or pictures

14 - 02: Data process equipment as well as peripheral apparatus and devices

14 – 03: Telecommunications equipment, wireless remote controls & radio amplifiers

14 – 04: Screen displays and icons


2 iPhone 11 Pro black and white


All of the granted patents are protected through to July 4, 2024, according to original file.


iPhone 11 Pro: Full Black Outline


Apple was granted design patent 1914130.2M002 earlier today for the iPhone 11 Pro. This design presented below is presented with black outlines where Apple is protecting everything as they did with the first patent design above.  


3 iPhone 11 Pro granted patent in Hong Kong dec 20  2019


iPhone 11 Entry Level Design


Below is design patent 1914134.0M001 which covers Apple's Entry iPhone 11 with its two-camera configuration on the backside.


4x Entry level iPhone 11 granted design patent


Example of iPhone 11 entries into Hong Kong Database


The image below is from the Hong Kong database showing Apple's iPhone 11 and 11-Pro designs. In total there are 17 design patents and we're only showing you a few of them.


5 X Final iPhone 11 design patents


Example or Protecting Parts of the iPhone Design Individually 


Patently Apple covered the main designs above. The other designs only cover individual parts of the iPhone 11 that Apple wants to doubly protect. In these designs you'll find a dashed-line frame with solid lines showing specifically what Apple is protecting. The dashed-line designs only act to illustrate where the part that they want to protect is. Below you'll fine just two of Apple's patents in-part that highlight elements of the iPhone 11 design that Apple specifically wants extra protection for.


6 X  2 examples of other design patents with single elements highlighted to be protected


Apple files for Two Trademarks in Hong Kong


In other IP news from Hong Kong, Apple legal filed trademarks for Reality Composer's icon under number 305143815, and Mac Catalyst under number 305144544.


7 - jp reality composer icon


11. 0F DESIGN & TMs Bar


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