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Apple attending NeurIPS 2019 in Canada on Sunday and Delivering a Presentation Titled 'Private Federated Learning'

1 x cover apple machine learning at NeurIPS 2019 in Vancouver B.C.


The purpose of the Neural Information Processing Systems annual meeting is to foster the exchange of research on neural information processing systems in their biological, technological, mathematical, and theoretical aspects. The core focus is peer-reviewed novel research which is presented and discussed in the general session, along with invited talks by leaders in their field. On Sunday there will be an Expo, where top industry sponsors give talks, panels, demos, and workshops on topics that are of academic interest.


It was made public today that Apple will be attending the 33rd Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) in Vancouver, Canada from December 8th to 14th.


1 x cover apple machine learning


Apple product teams are engaged in state of the art research in machine hearing, speech recognition, natural language processing, machine translation, text-to-speech, and artificial intelligence, improving the lives of millions of customers every day. Apple will be making a presentation on Sunday as noted below.


Sunday December 8: Private Federated Learning

Diamond Sponsor: Apple


Abstract: Federated Learning is a new approach that is picking up steam in the machine learning community as a way to improve global models in the cloud by leveraging on-device training on user data. At WWDC 2019, Apple announced Private Federated Learning by combining federated learning with differential privacy. We have started to use this technology in iOS 13. In this talk, we discuss how we protect privacy in federated learning.


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