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1 X Cover - Lightning Port may begin to die off in Q4 2021


What's the latest rumor by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF Securities?  The latest is that Apple could be preparing to ditch the Lightning port on their highest-end versions of the 2021 iPhone and rely on wireless charging and data transfers.


Without the connector, the top-tier iPhone would provide a “completely wireless experience,” Kuo said. Speculation has been building for several years that Apple plans to remove the Lightning cable.


As far back as 2017, CNBC notes that Kuo predicted that Apple would discard the Lightning connector in favor of the USB Type-C connector, which is widely used across the industry. It never came to be.


Will Kou's second kick at this prediction come to pass or is it just the same prediction being modernized?  Only time will tell.


Earlier today we posted a patent report covering Apple's new line-of-sight optical communications. It would seem that Apple may be rethinking their wireless technologies for future iDevices.


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