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Apple Introduces 'Apple Card Monthly Installments' where you Pay for your next iPhone in 24 even payments with Zero Interest

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During Apple's Financial Conference for Fiscal Q4 2019 held on October 30th, Apple's CEO Tim Cook touched on Apple Pay during his Opening Statement: "We had all time revenue record revenues from payment services for Apple Pay, revenue and transactions more than doubled year over year, with over three billion transactions in the September quarter exceeding PayPal's number of transactions and growing four times as fast. Apple Pay is now live in 49 markets around the world, with over 6,000 issuers on the platform."


At one point Cook revealed something new that was coming to Apple Pay: "And I'm very pleased to announce today that later this year we're adding another great feature to Apple Card. Customers will be able to purchase their new iPhone and pay for it over 24 months with zero interest. And they will continue to enjoy all the benefits of Apple Card, including 3% cashback on the total cost of their new iPhone with absolutely no fees and the ability to simply manage their payments right in the Apple Wallet app on iPhone. We think these features appeal broadly to all iPhone customers, and we believe this has been the most successful launch of a credit card in the United States ever."


Introducing Apple Card Monthly Installments


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Apple introduces an awesome new way to buy an iPhone from Apple – online at, in the Apple Store app, or at an Apple Store near you. Pay with interest-free monthly payments. Get Daily Cash back. And see it all alongside your everyday Apple Card purchases.


Apple Card Monthly Installments are the new, easy way to buy an iPhone and pay over time, with interest-free, low monthly payments.1 And you get 3% Daily Cash all up front when your iPhone ships or when you buy a new iPhone at an Apple store.


You can use Apple Card Monthly Installments to buy more than one iPhone. Each new iPhone you buy has its own Apple Card Monthly Installments plan. The amount you finance for each iPhone is subtracted from your available Apple Card credit. The number of devices you can buy with Apple Card Monthly Installments is only limited by your available credit.


Buy your next iPhone with Apple Card Monthly Installments


Apple says just choose your new iPhone and then select Apple Card Monthly Installments as your payment option in the Apple Store app or online at If you don’t have Apple Card, you can easily apply when you check out on your iPhone. Or you can visit an Apple Store and a Specialist can help you purchase an iPhone with Apple Card Monthly Installments. You can also apply for Apple Card in the Wallet app on your iPhone before you go shopping for your next iPhone.


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If you already have Apple Card, there’s no additional application to fill out.


Get a complete walk-through of the new Apple Card Monthly Installments here.


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