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In Q3 iPhone Sales were Stagnant around the Globe except for Canada where Sales Leapt 17% YoY

1 X cover iphone xr


While Apple’s global sales declined 6% YoY, it grew volumes 17% YoY and 36% QoQ in Q3 2019 in Canada. This was largely driven by the introduction of Equipment Installation Plans (EIPs), and the popularity of the iPhone XR.


Research Analyst, Abhilash Kumar: "Carriers have been providing device financing options through EIPs since early Q3 2019, which has made the latest premium devices more affordable and helped Apple boost its share. Furthermore, the launch of the new iPhone 11 series and in particular the iPhone 11, launched at a lower price, helped the brand grow. The coinciding price cut of the iPhone XR further increased sales."


2 X Canada Stats iPhones


Canada’s smartphone sales grew 6% QoQ and remained flat YoY. According to Counterpoint Research’s finding. Apple leads the smartphone market followed by Samsung. The two brands contribute to more than 85% of the Canada smartphone market. Other top players in the market are LG, Google and Huawei.


Discussing the overall market, Research Analyst, Maurice Klaehne said, “Canada, like the US, has seen elongated holding periods combined with low carrier churn rates. In consequence, the market has stagnated. Moreover, it is a premium market where people prefer previous generation flagship devices from Apple and Samsung. But with EIPs becoming available, the latest flagship models will likely be the preference. This is why around 75% of sales are for devices above $400."


Counterpoint also provided a chart for Global Smartphone Leadership in Q3 2019 as presented below. 


3 global smartphone sales q3 2019


Side Note: Leapt is used more in Common Wealth Countries while Leaped is more common in the U.S.  


10.0F1 - Apple Market Statistics Bar


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