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The Patent behind the Apple Watch Series 5 ECG Feature surfaced today at the U.S. Patent Office



Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to advancing the digital crown found on the Apple Watch to include an ECG feature, now found in Series 5.


A new patent application regarding the Apple Watch details adding advanced components to work with the digital crown such as coherent electromagnetic radiation sources, such as edge-emitting laser diodes, vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), quantum-dot lasers (QDLs), or superluminescent diodes) that emit, receive, and self-mix electromagnetic radiation (e.g., visible or invisible light) at least partially coherently.


Towards the end of the patent, Apple notes that "It should be noted that the components of the electronic device (Apple Watch) can be controlled by multiple processors. For example, select components of the electronic device (e.g., a sensor system 3710 in FIG. 37 below) may be controlled by a first processor and other components of the electronic device (e.g., the display #3702) may be controlled by a second processor, where the first and second processors may or may not be in communication with each other.


In some cases, the processor #3704 may determine a biological parameter of a user of the electronic device, such as an ECG for the user.


Apple's patent FIG. 37 shows a sample electrical block diagram of Apple Watch Series 5.


2 Apple Watch with ECG


Apple further notes that the electronic device (Apple Watch) may also include one or more sensor systems #3710 positioned almost anywhere on Apple Watch. The sensor system(s) can be configured to sense one or more type of parameters, such as but not limited to, crown movement (rotation or translation); pressure on the display a crown, a button, or a housing of the apple Watch; light; touch; heat; movement; relative motion; biometric data (e.g., biological parameters) of a user; and so on.


Apple's patent application 20190317454 that was first discovered by Patently Apple today was filed back in Q2 2019 with work dating back to Q2 2018. Apple's patent is highly technical. For the engineers amongst us, check out the details of the patent here.


Technically this could be considered a patent fulfilled.


Apple Inventors


Prashanth Holenarsipur: Director Optical Sensing Hardware

Mark Winkler: Engineering Manager, Optical Sensor Design

Mehmet Mutlu: Senior Display Exploration Engineer. Last year his title was Senior Optical Sensing Engineer.

David Dashevsky: Sensing System Engineer.


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