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Apple wins a Trio of Apple Watch Patents covering Next-Gen Biometrics, Customized Band Fitting & Band Indicators

1 cover  new form of biometrics


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple 62 newly granted patents today. In this second granted patent report of the day we cover a trio of granted patents. One patent covers the possible implementation of a next-generation form of Biometrics just for Apple Watch. A second patent covers an Apple Watch band with an illumination system that could provide live icons that change to inform users of health status etc. The last Apple Watch granted patent covers a custom fit band system to keep the band tight for measuring a user's pulse and more.


Biometric Sensor for Acquiring Skin Texture Pattern Images


Today the US Patent & Trademark Office granted Apple patent 10,398,370 that relates to the field of wearable electronic devices including a wrist biometric sensor. While options for a biometric authentication system for Apple Watch could include Face ID or Touch ID in the future, Apple's latest granted patent on this subject matter actually points to an all new form of biometric authentication using a wrist biometric sensor located on the inside portion of a watch band that reads skin texture patterns.


Apple's patent FIG. 2 below illustrates the wrist biometric sensor #30 highlighted in yellow which may be carried by the watch band #28 adjacent the palmer side of the user's wrist.


2 apple watch authentication system based on skin texture patterns

Apple's patent FIG. 6 above illustrates a future Apple Watch band with a wrist biometric sensor that has an IR thermal image sensor that will provide improved accuracy skin texture pattern acquisition through hair. Apple's patent FIG. 8 above is a skin texture pattern image of a user's wrist using an optical based wrist biometric sensor.


Patently Apple covered this in a patent application report back in January 2019 titled "Apple's Touch ID Engineers have invented a new form of Biometrics for Apple Watch recognizing skin Textures." Review it here for more details. Apple has another patent application covering this technology here.


Indicators for Apple Watch Band


The second Apple Watch related patent covers granted patent # 10,401,800 that relates to smart bands/sports bands that could provide backlit indicators and icons representing activities in progress. The indicators on the band could represent Activity App progress, heart rate monitoring and offer other icons for  running, swimming and more to indicate that a particular activity is currently being tracked or is in progress.


Apple's patent FIG. 1B below depicts an Apple Watch band showing partial illumination of the indicators; FIG. 2A depicts a simplified system diagram of an Apple Watch coupled to a band incorporating an active indicator in communication with Apple Watch; FIG. 8 depicts operations of a method of updating an indicator.


3 X apple watch band indicator system


Apple's patent FIG. 5A above depicts Apple Watch coupled to a band incorporating an indicator including a grid of independently illuminable areas; FIG. 5B depicts a band incorporating an indicator including an arcuate progress dial; and FIG. 5C depicts a band incorporating an indicator including a number of independently illuminable icons.


Patently Apple first covered this IP under a patent application report in March 2017 titled "Apple Exploring Next-Gen Apple Watch Smart Bands for Sports Enthusiasts" You can review it here for more details and graphics.


Apple Watch Band with Dynamic Fit Adjustment


The third Apple Watch patent granted to Apple today is # 10,398,200 that relates to future Apple Watch that provide users with a customized band fit using a dynamic fit adjustment system.


The perfect fit will be achieved for both leisurely times and when the user cranks up their workout and need their watch band to hug their wrist like its one with them as they run or workout.


The band will even assist users to take their pulse by tightening the band to perfection to get that biometric reading just where it has to be and then automatically back off so as to not choke the circulation to your wrist.


4 X customized apple watch band adjustment fit


Patently Apple first covered this invention as a patent application back in September 2016 in a a report titled "Apple Reinvents the Watch Band with Auto Adjustment+" that you could review here for more details and patent figures.


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