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With Apple TV+ debuting on November first, Apple decided to promote some of their hot new shows at last night's Emmy Awards. With Apple TV+ competing with TV shows from competitors Netflix, Amazon, HBO and upcoming Disney+, Apple wanted to reach a built-in audience watching the Emmys to see some of the major productions coming to market right out of the gate when the service begins and coming out over the next 6 months.  


One of the surprises shown at the Emmys was the new trailer for "Truth be Told" starring Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul in a true-crime thriller. Octavia Spencer plays a podcaster who reopens her investigation into a murder. With doubts and new evidence coming to light after her original evidence leads to a conviction, she is forced to reevaluate her investigation which made her a media sensation.



Another surprise was the first trailers for "Servant," from visionary M.Night Shyamalan that is known for his supernatural plots and twists that appear to be coming to Apple TV+.




A few of the other trailers below include a new one for Snoopy in Space along with new clips from previously shown Apple TV+ shows such as Dickinson, For All Mankind and The Morning Show.







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