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Center for Resource Solutions and Apple Partner to Develop and Pilot Solar Projects in Singapore and Taiwan

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It's being reported today that Apple Inc. is developing rooftop solar arrays with Taiwan’s Wan Ja Shan Brewery Co., best known for its popular soy sauce, as the Cupertino company boosts its use of renewable energy.


The 50,000-square-meter soy sauce facility that will carry solar panels on its roof is located in the southern Taiwanese county of Pingtung, Wan Ja Shan Brewery manager Tony Chung told Bloomberg News. The solar project is set to start before the end of this year, he said.


Chung added that it took 18 months of talks before Apple signed a deal with his company, but declined to provide further details. He noted that the company set up its solar business five years ago. For more read the Bloomberg report.


Asia Launches Certification Program to Promote Renewable Energy


Patently Apple reached out to the Center for Resource Solutions and was provided with the following document:


The Resource Solutions Center (CRS) is partnering with Apple to develop Green-e certification and piloting solar projects in Singapore and Taiwan to enable more companies to participate in the future.


The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) is the first to expand its Green-e certification program to Asia's renewable energy program, starting with Apple's pilot energy plans in Singapore and Taiwan. This certification program and the successful implementation of the pilot program will enable renewable energy use by other companies in the region, making it easier to obtain certification.


With the support of Apple, CRS developed relevant standards based on best practices and with input from local stakeholders. This development is based on CRS's more than 20 years of experience in North America, and more than half of all voluntary renewable energy sales in the US are certified by the organization. This certification program is currently available to large buyers and clean energy vendors in Asia to assist companies in assessing environmental and local impacts and to provide open and follow-up requirements to confirm the source quality of renewable energy.


CRS and Apple have completed pilot certification for Apple's solar projects in Singapore, which is 800 rooftop solar installations that provide 32 megawatts of power. The energy is now directly certified by the Green-e Energy program, which is designed for organizations to build their own power generation facilities or directly outsource renewable energy.


CRS is also working with Apple to validate Apple's renewable energy program in Pingtung County, Taiwan. Apple teamed up with Soy Sauce's leading brand, Wanjiaxiang, to develop the rooftop solar array and signed a long-term contract to enable Apple to own the renewable energy certificate for the project.


CRS Executive Director Jennifer Martin: "CRS is pleased to launch Green-e Renewable Energy Standards in Singapore and Taiwan with the support of Apple. New standards in Singapore and Taiwan and Apple's pilot projects will create opportunities for The whole of Asia can rapidly improve the development and adoption of renewable energy."


Patently Apple's cover graphic is from a 2017 report titled " Apple's new Singapore Store that will be powered by Solar Energy will be Opening Soon." Sunseap signed a landmark power deal with Apple to install solar panels atop some 800 buildings in Singapore.


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