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In Q2, Apple's Latest iPhones Dominated the top 3 Spots in the U.S. while gaining iOS market share in Urban China

1 X Cover iPhone XR July 2019


iPhone XR was the top selling model in the US in Q2 2019, holding 7.8% share, with iPhone 8 and iPhone XS Max rounding out the top three best sellers. The latest flagship models from Samsung, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 held fourth and fifth best-selling models in the quarter.


The good news continues in Urban China. Kantar's latest report notes that "Despite the very public trade spat between the US and China, iOS share edged up in the world’s largest Smartphone market, hitting 19.7% in Urban China.


Oddly Apple's iOS was down 2.4% in the U.S. despite owning the three top smartphone positions.


Huawei Smartphone Sales begins Downward Trend in Q2


Global Director for Kantar, Dominic Sunnebo stated in his report that "Q2 2019 saw Huawei endure a number of large setbacks resulting from being placed on the US Entity list."


Sunnebo added that "the impact of the adverse headlines is clear in the data, Quarter on Quarter Huawei share is down -1.9% pts in EU5 and most tellingly, June vs. May 2019 share, is down -9.0% points.


He further noted that "Early indications are that Samsung and Xiaomi are the key beneficiaries, with Apple seeing a smaller uptick in sales as a result. There are signs Huawei owners are putting off upgrading – likely waiting for clarity on the future situation."


While the U.S. still doesn't have Xiaomi, Vivo and other low-ball smartphone brands, Motorola is benefiting in the U.S. by gaining market share at the low end of the market.


According to Kantar, "Motorola has continued its momentum in the US, with share hitting 8.1% in Q219, up an impressive +3.3% vs. a year earlier. The Motorola E5 Play and G6 Plus were top performing models, but it’s increased distribution that is the largest driver behind the upturn. Verizon remained the top channel for Motorola, but sales climbed strongly in Metro, Walmart and Cricket too."


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