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According to a  Korean tech report published this morning, display maker LG Display has temporarily halted the operation of the E6-1 manufacturing line in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, due to technical glitches. The E6-1 is one of the company’s manufacturing facilities anticipated to roll out OLED displays for US tech giant Apple’s iPhones as early as later this year.


One of the technical problems is said to have occurred in what is called the thin-film encapsulation process which puts thin films, made of alternating organic and inorganic layers, on top of OLED panels to prevent air and water from affecting the organic self-luminous diodes.


LGD, which has planned to roll out the displays for Apple at the E6-1 first, is likely to start production at its E6-2 line due to the technical issues.


The installation of the Kateeva machine at E6-2, which has been used by its rival Samsung Display, shows that the firm has prepared for different scenarios.


Apple, infamous for its control over supply channels, often engages in deciding the specifications of manufacturing machines and subcontract partners.


LGD downplayed the postponed production schedule at the E6-1 by saying it has been preparing different OLED display models and some changes in specifications have caused the latest delay.


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